Buddy Hield: "You guys, you’ve been covering basketball all your life. Name one big free agent who’s came to Sacramento."国王球员希尔德在谈到自己的续约问题时表明,自己的作业是打好球,并质疑国王是否从前签到过球星:“你们这些人,这一生都在报导篮球。请说出一个国王经过自在市场签约得到的球星。”————————[–]Lakers Skorua 1189 指標 19小時前 The fuck? Calling out Sacramento like this is lol湖人球迷:我尼玛?直接这么硬怼萨克拉门托吗,哈哈哈[–]bballplayer97 542 指標 19小時前 Damn did not know buddy was like this about business擦,曾经还不知道希尔德是这号人物[–][LAL] Magic Johnson fds_1 116 指標 17小時前 yeah, but I completely agree with him. I guess players have learned from the IT situation湖人球迷:对啊,不过我彻底认同他的做法。我觉得球员们从小托马斯身上吸取了经验。[–]Wizards ireddit270 699 指標 17小時前 Iirc this dude grew up dirt poor , like literally. He sends a lot of his money straight back to the Bahamas so he can help uplift his hometown.Goes to show you never know someone’s background and the type of fire they have inside . Hield had a breakout season and probably feels like he should be getting the Khris Middleton contract or close奇才球迷:要是没记错的话,希尔德小时分家境很差。他直接往巴哈马寄回去了一大笔钱协助家园建造。这事儿阐明你压根就不了解球员的布景和他们心里的心情。希尔德上赛季迎来了迸发,或许他觉得自己应该拿米德尔顿那种合同。[–][POR] Patty Mills shickard 136 指標 13小時前 Lately it seems like for every 1 fair contract there’s 3 overpays. Buddy is elite at his role, which is more than the Middleton’s and Tobias Harris’s of the world can say, so honestly I do not blame him for looking around and saying why the fuck not me?I hope Sac can keep him, I hope he can live with ~20M a year and not some other crazy high number. It would be a shame to see that team go through a rebuild and look so promising for it to fail over greed开拓者球迷:看最近的状况,如同每出一份合理的合同就有三份溢价合同。希尔德在他那个方位是很超卓的,比米德尔顿和哈里斯强吧,所以说实话,他说特么凭啥不给我大合同的时分,我真不怪他。期望国王能留住他,期望他的年薪能有个2000多万吧,而不是其他很张狂的数字。要是现在复兴有望的国王就由于贪婪而走向重建的话,那就太惋惜了。[–]76ers Rockandrollracing 37 指標 12小時前 Are you saying that’s buddy being greedy for wanting more or team for not wanting to pay more?76人球迷:你到底是说谁贪婪?[–]Celtics E10DIN 218 指標 12小時前 and look so promising for it to fail over greedIt’s a job. He and every other player should get every dime they can.“由于贪婪而走向重建”这是作业啊,他和其他球员都应该极力争夺每一分。[–]Joooseph2 68 指標 11小時前 Yeah if it’s for greed then the onus needs to be on the team owners lol. They’re the billionaires.是,要真是由于贪婪而垮掉,那也是球队老板的职责,他们但是十多亿的身家啊。[–]Celtics E10DIN 51 指標 10小時前 Seriously. I hate that people ignore the reality that this is a job for these guys, and that they shouldn’t take less money just because.凯尔特人球迷:讲真,让我很烦的是,许多人都忘了NBA对这些球员来说也是份作业啊,不能由于这那的原因就少拿钱吧。[–][SAC] Bogdan Bogdanovic redwashing 25 指標 15小時前Trying to get max money you can get is something I completely agree with. I would never blame Buddy if he took a bigger contract somewhere else, everyone wants more return for their labor. The problem is he’s pushing his teammates under the bus for leverage which I have a problem with. You can’t publicly talk about how only shit FA’s come to Sacramento just before the season starts when your team signed several FA’s in the off season, no matter how right you are. This can fuck up the team chemistry in a big way.国王球迷:极力争夺利益最大化我是彻底附和的。要是希尔德去其他队拿了更大的合同,我也不会怪他,任何人都期望自己的支付能够有更多的报答。问题是,他为了个人筹码不论队友感触啊,这便是我不爽的。赛季还没开端呢,你这就公开说只需水货自在球员会来国王了?可你的球队才刚在休赛期签了几个自在球员啊。他这么做是会让球队打乱的啊。[–]Bust ANupp 21 指標 13小時前 Barnes is the only one that chose to steal a bag from Sac. Every other player was drafted/traded and will see how they’re treating a guy that’s their best offensive threat currently, has never had locker room problems and is a genuinely good person. If they don’t show they are willing to keep a team together then why would any of them try to stay?只需巴恩斯挑选到国王来捞一笔。其他国王球员要么是选来的要么是被迫买卖,他们会看着球队是怎样对待希尔德这个队里进攻端的最强要挟点,后者还从未在更衣室闹过,也是个真实的好人。假如国王不展示出留住中心的诚心,那其他人干嘛要争夺留队?[–]Wizards Vswerve27 223 指標 19小時前 I mean I also wouldn’t want to be paying buddy hield a max for the next 4 years tbh. Tough position for them奇才球迷:换我也不愿意给希尔德顶薪呢。国王管理层也很尴尬啊。[–]Knicks Fmbounce 200 指標 18小時前 So who would you rather pay? Just keep rolling the cap space until you find another lottery pick worth the max?尼克斯球迷:那你愿意给谁?莫非就这么攒着薪资空间,比及下一个值得顶薪的乐透签?[–]Wizards Vswerve27 85 指標 18小時前 That’s why it’s a tough position. Buddy hield is probably not going to get significantly better than he is now and he’s a very one-dimensional player.To answer your question, I’d probably not pay him and try to trade him this season奇才球迷:所以我说局势很棘手啊。希尔德或许今后也强不了多少,并且他现在是个功用单一的球员。要我说,我或许会不留他而是这个赛季把他送走。[–]Spurs HereComesJustice 54 指標 17小時前 Small market teams have to overpay马刺球迷:小球市留人必须得溢价。[–]Suns Tailsofthesix 48 指標 17小時前 This dude averaged 20 ppg on 59ts%, while shooting 42% on 8 3’s a game. How the hell is that not worth a max?太阳球迷:希尔德上赛季场均20分,真实命中率59%,场均三分出手8次,还能有42%的命中率。这特么怎样就配不上顶薪了?[–]Canada igot2pair 12 指標 12小時前 People are really underrating him. I can see him averaging even more next year. Def max imo. Easy decision especially when he’s coming off the contract fox and bags will get maxed too. Top 3 three point shooter in high volume?加拿大球迷:有些人真的太瞧不起他了。我觉得他新赛季的场均数据还会提高。我以为他肯定是顶薪。这个决议很简单啊,况且他合同到期之后,还能顶薪留福克斯和巴格利。这但是三个出手多的顶尖三分手啊。[–]NBA TheAmbitious1 57 指標 19小時前What the hell lmao, why would they be idiots to not sign Buddy fucking Hield to the max.This is the same reasoning that got guys like Wiggins massive deals. Because Minny would have been "idiots" to let their number 1 overall pick walk都特么咋了,凭啥不给希尔德顶薪就特么是傻缺了啊。最初你们支撑维金斯顶薪的时分也是这种逻辑。由于森林狼要是让状元就这么走了,那便是“傻缺”。————————[–]76ers Corsques 20 指標 19小時前 That’s cold76人球迷:心寒啊。[–]Supersonics Soychemtrails 2491 指標 18小時前 Holy shit. Buddy is out for blood超音速球迷:我勒个去。希尔德飘了哦[–]Kings BloodT1nted 806 指標 17小時前 He’s right though. I get our front office probably prefers Bogdan but we really need to keep everyone we can.国王球迷:不过他也没说错啊。我觉得咱们的管理层或许是更想留博格丹,但是咱们真的应该极力留住每个人。[–]NBA scratchy09 552 指標 16小時前 Why though? Buddy is superior compared to Bogdan.为啥啊?希尔德分明比博格丹更强。[–]BluefaceBabyYeaAight 434 指標 16小時前 Because it’s the Kings由于这是国王。[–]Lakers fuckthenbamods3 226 指標 16小時前Isn’t Buddy better? Like he was legit the 2nd best 3-point shooter in the NBA after Steph. I feel like that’s some insane value, he’s still only 26.湖人球迷:莫非不是希尔德更强吗?他是库里之后联盟第二强的三分投手。我知道他的要价有点夸大,但是他才26啊。[–]Avalonanon 50 指標 13小時前 our front office probably prefers Bogdan????We traded DeMarcus Cousins for Buddy plus picks. There’s no way they make that trade if you replace Buddy with Bogi.“咱们的管理层或许是更想留博格丹”???咱们最初但是用考辛斯换来的希尔德和选秀签。要是你把希尔德换成博格丹,那笔买卖肯定做不成的。[–]Raptors 3500fp 15 指標 11小時前 I think he just means that bogdan and vlade are both Serbian and have known each other forever猛龙球迷:我觉得他仅仅说博格丹和迪瓦茨都是塞尔维亚人,互相联系一向很好。[–]Mavericks msterling2012 5 指標 10小時前 The only logical reason I can come up with would be if you view Bogdan as an option that can provide most of the things Buddy can, albeit at a slightly lesser level, at a much better value. Leaving the team with more cap flexibility to add depth to the roster.But I mean I would much rather have Buddy and I dont really think $110M is really overpaying based on how well he played last year.独行侠球迷:我仅有能想到的契合逻辑的原因在于,他们觉得博格丹精干大部分希尔德做的作业,虽然等级稍稍低点吧,但是价值就大得多了。他可以为球队供给更多的薪资空间去补强深度。不过呢,我更想留希尔德,根据他上赛季的体现,我真不觉得1.1亿是溢价。[–][CLE] Zydrunas Ilgauskas 19almonds 6 指標 10小時前This. It’s every small market team’s business model.A replacement level player at 4/30m is way more valuable than say Buddy at 4/110m. You just have to define value on the owners terms.骑士球迷:便是你这个理由。这便是每个小球会的运营形式。一个4年3000万的替代品可要比希尔德的4年1.1亿有价值多了。你得站在老板的视点去考虑这一点。[–][SAC] Bogdan Bogdanovic redwashing 78 指標 15小時前I don’t think that’s the case, FO wants to keep them both at as low a price as possible. This is just both sides trying to get leverage. What Buddy said is right and I fully support every player trying to get max money they can get but he shouldn’t have said all these publicly just before the season, it will hurt team chemistry.国王球迷:我觉得不是这回事。管理层想以尽可能低的价格把他俩都留住。现在两边便是在博弈。希尔德说的没错,我彻底支撑每个球员去争夺最大的利益,但是他不应在赛季快要开端的时分公开说这些,这会损伤球队的化学反应。[–]Bust ANupp 49 指標 13小時前 He already stated he was willing to take less than the max, the kings are going to ruin a good thing if they don’t offer it already. They should have never resigned Barnes to that contract. Buddy has always been a stand up guy, works his ass off and has continued to improve. There will be other teams that want a SG that shoots 42% from the 3pt line and the Kings will have to match a max offer if they want to keep him.他本来早都表态说愿意承受比顶薪低的合同,国王假如没给这个钱,那就要坏事了。他们就不应给巴恩斯那么大的合同。希尔德一向都很拼很在状况,并且还在前进。他这种三分命中率42%的分卫是不缺下家的,国王要是真想留他,那必须得给顶薪。[–][SAC] Bogdan Bogdanovic redwashing 37 指標 13小時前 I fully agree FO needs to pay him and if Buddy leaves it’s 100% management’s fault. Signing Barnes doesn’t prevent the team from giving Buddy ehat he wants either. I don’t have a problem with Buddy demanding to be paid. Going to media for leverage is problematic but I can understand to a degree. What I don’t like is throwing teammatea under the bus for leverage. Your problem is with the FO, go after them not FA’s who signed to be your teammates.国王球迷:我肯定支撑给他顶薪,要是希尔德走了,那彻底是管理层的锅。续约了巴恩斯不代表你就不能满意希尔德的需求了啊。希尔德要大合同我彻底没意见。找媒体逼宫球队的做法欠妥,但是某种程度上也是能够了解的。我不喜欢的是他陷队友于不论。你有问题就着管理层啊,而不是那些成为队友的刚参加的自在球员。[–][POR] Patty Mills shickard 174 指標 13小時前And here I was thinking lolkings had been replaced by lolwiz. Oh well, least we’ll always have lolknicks. No matter what, we’ll always have lolknicks.开拓者球迷:我曾经还天真地以为咱们讪笑的目标从国王变成了奇才。行吧,至少咱们一向都嘲笑尼克斯。不论咋说,尼克斯一向都在。[–]GuacKiller 9 指標 11小時前 We lol Divac, but he’s made mostly the right decisions.咱们虽然嘲笑迪瓦茨,但是他的大多数决议都是对的。[–]Knicks zwickksNYK 39 指標 11小時前 lolsuns would be the most appropriate replacement in my opinion.尼克斯球迷:我觉得嘲笑太阳是最合适的。[–]Thunder Gamerghost44 13 指標 10小時前 Yeah but with Booker and Ayton they at least have talent to enjoy…. Until they inevitably leave.雷霆球迷:话是不错,但是只需布克和艾顿在,人家至少还有天分可看啊……除非他俩走了。[–][ATL] Lou Williams TraeYoungsBaldSpot 120 指標 10小時前 This whole thread forget about the Hornets, making lolhornets even more viable老鹰球迷:你们咋就把黄蜂忘一边了呢,更好笑的分明是黄蜂。[–][LAC] Chris Kaman nutella4eva 76 指標 8小時前 We were talking about basketball teams though.快船球迷:但是咱们聊得是篮球队啊。[–]Celtics cwdwdy 12 指標 8小時前 oof凯尔特人球迷:诛心呐[–]Spainbinary_spaniard 7 指標 7小時前 English is not my native language, what’s a Hornet?英语不是我母语,黄蜂是个啥?[–][ATL] Lou Williams TraeYoungsBaldSpot 10 指標 6小時前 A really shitty basketball team老鹰球迷:一支烂的彻底的篮球队。————————[–]kobmug_v2 60 指標 19小時前* I see no lies, unfortunately for him it doesn’t change his situation.Due to his age (Buddy is going to be almost 28 at the start of the 2020-21 season) this is probably going to be the only big contract of his career and the Kings have all the negotiating leverage.我觉得他很真实,惋惜改动不了他的境遇。由于年纪约束(20/21赛季开端的时分他都快28了),这次或许是他职业生涯仅有一次争夺大合同的时机,国王掌握着商洽的自动。[–]Bilbo Bagher 964 指標 19小時前 The Buddy sweepstakes have begun希尔德要赌一把了。[–]Flare_Nsfw 136 指標 19小時前Buddy gone..他要走了……[–]IguessthatsAname 6 指標 11小時前 He’d be an amazing mid season pickup for any team playing for a title.关于任何想争冠的球队而言,希尔德会是一笔适当棒的中期引援。[–]Supersonics IndianaGnomes 862 指標 17小時前 Buddy Hield was a 4 year college guy. He’ll be 27 in December. This is likely the only chance he’ll ever have at a max contract. Yeah, you better be ready to pay up.超音速球迷:希尔德在大学打了4年,12月就满27了。这很可能是他仅有的一次顶薪时机。没错,你们最好准备好开个好价钱。[–][SAS] Boban Marjanovic maestroenglish 290 指標 16小時前 Max for buddy? Glad Spurs don’t have these worries.马刺球迷:给希尔德顶薪?幸而我刺这个烦恼。[–]junkit33 34 指標 13小時前 If you’re Sacramento you pay it. Better to overpay a good player than lose him over a few million dollars. It’s not like they’ll do anything else amazing with that money.假如是萨克拉门托,那给钱便是。给一个优异球员一份溢价合同,总比由于几百万的距离失掉他好吧。他们用这个多出来的钱也干不了啥大事啊。[–]Supersonics IndianaGnomes 222 指標 15小時前 Considering how weak the upcoming free agent class is, if the Kings don’t, there’s a decent chance someone else might.超音速球迷:考虑到来年自在市场的惨淡,假如国王不举动,那其他球队很可能会出手了。[–]Heat jbenson255 42 指標 14小時前 Yeah i really think this idea that small market teams have to overpay because “who else is going to come” is so bad and why they never succeed热火球迷:对啊,我真觉得小球会必须得承受溢价,由于你不必盼望其他大牌来了,并且你从来就没成功过。[–]Bust ANupp 334 指標 13小時前 He shot 42% in 2018 and 43% in 2017 from 3, he’s going to get a max from someone.他16/17赛季和17/18赛季的三分命中率分别是42%和43%,总会有球队给他顶薪的。[–][NYK] Anthony Mason BlueHundred 217 指標 12小時前 on high volume too. he deserves it尼克斯球迷:并且他出手次数还高。配得上顶薪。[–]Mavericks DirkNowitzkisWife 71 指標 12小時前* A guy like Buddy Hield (a competitor) probably says “I scored 21 a game on 43% from 3 and good defense, I’m as good as Klay Thompson.” And just based off last year, would that be that ridiculous a thing to say? I know the Kings don’t want to pay him 30 million a year, especially with Fox being eligible for an extension after this season.The Kings are in an okay spot. Joseph and Dedmon’s contracts are up in 2022; and Joseph’s isn’t fully guaranteed.But still, I would imagine that Fox and Hield want max money, and Bogdan feels like he deserves something close to that, and eventually Bagley will need a new contract. And when you’re paying 4 guys $100 million, your hope I think is 2 of them are all stars and one is an MVP candidate. That’s what it takes these days to be a contender, and when you cap yourself out with 4 guys or so, you’re certainly hoping for a deep playoff run.独行侠球迷:像希尔德(斗士)这种人或许能够说“我一场竞赛能得21分,三分命中率43%,防卫又好,我和克莱相同凶猛。”就从上赛季来看,莫非他这么说很过火吗?我知道,国王不想给他一年3000万,尤其是这赛季往后福克斯就该续约了。国王现在的状况还不错,科里-约瑟夫和戴德蒙的合同都到22年,约瑟夫还对错彻底保证的。但是呢,我能预见福克斯和希尔德想要顶薪,博格丹怕也是差不多这么想的,最终巴格利也会要续约。那你就得给4个人年薪1个亿,国王的期望是4人里有2人成为全明星,1人成为MVP提名人。现如今想争冠不就这么些要求么。要是把球队的薪资都花这四人身上了,那肯定是盼望在季后赛大干一场的。[–]Joooseph2 43 指標 10小時前 What even is this comment lmao. Nearly every competitive team is capped out on just a few players.简直每支争冠球队的薪资大头都在几个人身上。[–]Mavericks DirkNowitzkisWife 14 指標 10小時前 Not necessarily true. The Bulls’ 4 highest paid players make $70 million. The Clippers are at $91 million. Even the Bucks are at $88 million. That’s two contenders, and another team I just pulled out of my ass. The Brooklyn nets are at $88 million. Pistons are at $90 million. There are not a ton of teams out there in which 4 players take up $100 million plus.独行侠球迷:倒也不彻底是。公牛的薪资前四球员算计7000万,快船是9100万,雄鹿是8800万。有两个是争冠球队,别的一个我就不扯淡了。篮网的前四薪资算计是8800万,活塞是9000万。那些前四薪资算计至少1个亿的球队其实不是许多。[–]Bucks fwzy_34 8 指標 8小時前Bucks have yet to sign Giannis with the supermax extension, that is why they are at 88.雄鹿球迷:雄鹿还没和字母哥续超级顶薪呢,所曾经四薪资之和是8800万。————————[–]Warriors ricklegend 11 指標 10小時前 What about Chris Webber?勇士球迷:克里斯-韦伯怎样说?[–][MEM] Zach Randolph Jakelshark 7 指標 7小時前 He was traded there against his will (but willingly signed a new contract a few years later during the King’s brief title contention window)灰熊球迷:他最初去国王也不是他想的(但是几年后续约却是愿意的,那会儿国王还有过时间短的争冠期)[–]Kings SolarOandM 65 指標 18小時前 Yeah, Webber wasn’t a FA signing, but he was in an identical situation to buddy and he re-signed for 7 years. Bibby re-signed after a trade too.国王球迷:对的,韦伯不是自在市场淘的,不过他最初续约7年之前的状况和希尔德相同。毕比也是买卖来了之后续约的。[–]goblinsholiday 19 指標 12小時前*Can someone list all the teams that have never signed a significant free agent?Sacramento, Toronto, Memphis, Charlotte, Dallas…咱来列个那些从未在自在市场捡过大鱼的球队名单吧国王、猛龙、灰熊、黄蜂、独行侠……[–]Grizzlies shmoongng 40 指標 12小時前 Umm I think you’re forgetting the marquee free agent chandler parsons we signed灰熊球迷:呃……你怕是忘了咱们签来的大牌自在球员帕森斯。[–]Grizzlies freakman013 15 指標 12小時前 And Allen Iverson. Two high profile free agents.灰熊球迷:还有艾弗森,这两位都是高资格了。[–]itsme32 668 指標 19小時前 The best player to have signed with Sacramento is Vlade Divac himself so makes me wonder of Buddy knows this and is throwing shade at Vlade.国王在自在市场上的最好签约是迪瓦茨自己,所以我却是猎奇希尔德是不是知道这回事,然后向迪瓦茨开炮。[–]Bulls dylansanroman 25 指標 8小時前 You would be surprised. Outside of the coastal teams, big free agent signings dont happen too often in the NBA. Chicago’s best is probably Ron Harper, Orlando – Horace Grant, Denver – Paul Millsap, Grizzlies – tony allen, Charlotte – Al Jefferson, Toronto – jose calderon.Free agents dont often seem to gravitate to franchises that aren’t the Heat or the lakers.公牛球迷:说出来吓你们一跳,除了那些海岸城市的球队,NBA史上大牌自在球员的签约自身就不多见。公牛最强的自有签约是罗恩-哈珀,戏法是霍勒斯-格兰特,掘金是米尔萨普,灰熊是托尼-阿伦,黄蜂是艾尔-杰弗森,猛龙是何塞-卡尔德隆。那些大鱼如同一般对湖人和热火之外的球队不大伤风。[–][MEM] Zach Randolph Jakelshark 14 指標 7小時前 It didn’t pan out of course, but Chandler Parsons was probably the biggest FA signing for the Grizz. He had at least two max offers from Grizz and Portland. Tony Allen was the most impactful UFA signing in franchise history though.灰熊球迷:虽然结局不好吧,但灰熊史上最大的自在市场签约或许是帕森斯。他从灰熊和开拓者至少拿了两个顶薪。不过托尼-阿伦是球队在自在市场上影响力最大的签约。[–]Lakers Tweefin123 39 指標 18小時前 They shouldn’t have paid Barnes湖人球迷:国王就不应和巴恩斯续约。[–]Wizards Vswerve27 38 指標 18小時前* Barnes is at least a solid player, I don’t understand ariza for 25 million at all, he looked cooked last year. IMO they also overpaid for Cory Joseph and Dedmon. I really like Fox and Bagley but I don’t think they’re doing a good job building around them so far. I hope I’m wrong tho奇才球迷:巴恩斯至少还算是很稳,我就一点都不理解阿里扎那2500万是咋回事,他上赛季真的不可。我觉得他们给科里-约瑟夫和戴德蒙的合同都是溢价的。我真的很喜欢福克斯和巴格利,但是我以为国王环绕他俩所进行的建队作业不咋样。期望我是错的吧。[–]Kings thesuperjobber 22 指標 17小時前Ariza doesn’t make much sense given how terrible he was last season but at least his 2nd year is only 1.8 million guaranteed so it’s not too painful in the long run.国王球迷:考虑到上赛季的稀烂体现,阿里扎那个合同的确说不过去,但是至少他第二年的合同只需180万的保证啊。长时间来看也没那么痛。————————来历:Reddit编译:云长刮个痧a.topic-link {margin: 10px auto;display: block;width: 600px;}.topic-box {width: 600px;height: 75px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101388748.png’) repeat-x;margin: 0 auto;position: relative;}.topic-thumb {position: absolute;left: 5px;top: 3px;height: 69px;width: 92px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_170919/zt_3111505780239.jpg’) no-repeat;background-size: 100% 100%;}.topic-angular{position: absolute;right:0;top:0;width:46px;height:42px;background:url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101463680.png’) no-repeat;}.topic-box b {position: absolute;left: 105px;right: 15px;color: white;line-height: 75px;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;}美帝键盘侠—歪果仁精彩谈论汇总

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